Thursday, December 13, 2007

Social Anxiety Blog: Here I come again!

After a few months away from my Social Anxiety Blog I decided it was the time to come back again. Well... there are a few reasons to be honest:

1. I have lost my job of 2 years, which has open up the door to some anxiety symptoms.
2. I decided to live with my great love of 1 year, we have been living together for 3 months now... It has its good and bad things.

I have been looking for a job for 2 weeks now and I’m getting very anxious, though I have some savings that will let me live for a few months, I don’t want to be without a job for a long period of time, that would mess up my dreams of saving money to buy a piece of land to build up a house with my spouse in the future, that has been our dream and we were thinking about doing it by the end of 2008. Some other things you start thinking about are things like: I’m going to loose my independency, I’m going to have to live at my parents house again, etc.

On the other side as I mentioned I have a relationship of 1 year now, my spouse doesn’t know yet about my social anxiety. I have thought that it’s not the right time to do it, even though I will some time in the future, I just think that I want to be seeing as some one who is normal and not “sick”. Any ways living together has brought some difficulties, it’s a total different world, it has advantages and disadvantages, and it’s not that I regret it, it’s just that it adds up to this situation of being without a job.

I continue having a healthy lifestyle, keep going to my therapist, continue taking Paxil which has really help me. But it's not just the drug itself, because I’m convinced that the medicine by itself doesn’t help at all, it’s just part of the approach to help myself overcome social anxiety.

Tell me about you, have you been through situations like these, what have you done?


mico said...

Cheers! Keep it up

SA D. said...

Hi Social Avoidance.

Sorry to hear about the job loss. I know that feeling all too well. Still trying to recover financially for my time off work. Personally, I think to find a good job quickly, you need to approach the hunt like a project and make a plan with daily goals and such. Don't rely on luck to stumble onto something, like I was doing for a time.

With the holidays nearly over, it'll be a good time to start sending in applications.

I'm actually thinking of leaving my job, but not until I find something else. I'm not interested in working 50+ hours a week when I'm being paid a salary based on 40 hours.

Anyway, best of luck with your relationship, and with the job hunt in the new year.


social avoidance said...

Thanks Dave, I appreciate your comments. Actually I have been doing what you mentioned. I took the job search as a project and have done my task every day. I think I almost have a new job for January, have 1 more interview to go, but I'm pretty positive I’m going to get it. Thanks for your support, you know reading your Blog has been a great relieve, you really help others with your Blog posts, keep it up.

Thanks mico for stopping by.

Opeth said...

I'm glad you decided to come back. It's tough losing a job. I've been there.

Hang in. :)

Opeth said...

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear about the job situation. I've been thru that myself.

Hang in there.